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Afternoon Desert
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Afternoon Desert
Safari Qatar

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Full Day Desert Safari Qatar

Full Day Desert
Safari Qatar

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Morning Desert Safari Qatar

Morning Desert
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Overnight Desert
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All You Need to Know about Desert Safari in Qatar

If a trip to Qatar is on your list, don't exclude a desert safari experience which is regarded as a top-priority activity while visiting. If you have no clue what it is or want to know how to choose the best desert safari in Qatar, hang around and this descriptive article will be your saving grace. This guide is full of top tips and facts that will make you realise why Qatar is one of the Middle East’s top destinations.

What is a Desert Safari in Qatar?

What does a Qatari desert safari include? Can we see the local wildlife?

  • For those who haven’t experienced a desert safari, it includes a jeep drive amongst the shifting sand dunes of the Qatar desert(usually referred to as dune-bashing), a visit to the remarkable ‘khor Al Adaid’ known as the inland sea, a camp stop to enjoy a BBQ experience and camel rides. So, you won’t be seeing much wildlife apart from the Qatari camels.
  • Most Qatar desert safari packages include the pick up option from your hotel or residence in Doha city.
  • If you want to see the Qatar Airways mascot and the national animal of Qatar, the Arabian Oryx in real-life, stop by at Al Maha Sanctuary situated 30 minutes away from Doha along the Dukhan Highway.

What is a Desert Safari in Qatar?

Which Desert you Visit?

All Qatari desert tours frequent the Inland Sea and its encircling area where dune bashing takes place and the desert camp is located.

Inland Sea?

A 2 hour drive South of Qatar, towards the border of Saudi Arabia, passing Bedouin settlements, herds of camels, a few camps and Qatar International adventurous desert travellers to set foot on a jewel of water laid amidst a sea of golden sand. Recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site and more commonly known as the ‘Inland Sea’, this is one of the rare places where the desert converges with the sea. You might hike up your adrenaline on your way here with rollercoaster-like rides up and down high dunes. But Khor Al Adaid whacks you with all that adrenaline just so that it can stun you even more with its tranquil beauty. Because when you lay eyes on its beauty, the only word that will cross your mind will be, serene. Even the wildlife -turtles, oryx, desert foxes, flamingoes, cormorants and more- exist in harmony. The best time to spot them will be during the early mornings. The soft sand is strewn with white seashells and the beach looks its most glorious on a full moon night. But, don't be disheartened as the vista of Khor Al Adaid looks equally magical at sundown. Fossils can be found during low tide and the shallow sea was frequented by pirates in the 19th century. There are no tarred roads that lead to the Inland sea, so it is a must to visit the area with a driver who is familiar of the surrounding in a 4x4 vehicle.

When to go Qatar Safari?

Doha’s peak season is also the most comfortable, temperature-wise between October and end of April with low humidity and pleasant sunshine. Although, Doha isn't overloaded with tourists, the ideal weather(temperature at 46.1 degree Celsius/ 115 degrees Fahrenheit) and crowd level is during July and August. Locals and expatriates travel to cooler climate areas which is why hotels and other attractions are less crowded. Hotel rates do not fluctuate much during the year but tend to be slightly cheaper during summer.

During May and September end, Doha’s climate reaches scorching temperatures with high humidity levels. Temperature doesn't drop below 13.8 degree Celsius(57 degrees Fahrenheit) during with winter months and rainfall is maximum four inches per annum. The downpour can come in one go leaving the city waterlogged for a day or two. In Qatar, expect daily sunshine, temperature ranging between 15.5 to 21 degree Celsius( 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit) with occasional highs at 30 degree Celsius (90 degree Fahrenheit) and low humidity levels.

When to go Doha Safari?

What to Wear

Suitable attire for your desert activity depends on seasonal changes and the time of the desert tour. Ideal attire will be recommended depending on these factors.

Morning Desert Safaris are conducted between post-dawn and afternoon so it is advisable to wear attire that will make you feel comfortable in both temperatures. Loose fitting clothes like pants and t-shirts made of natural fibres like linen, cotton, poplin or similar lightweight materials that help absorb sweat are the best choice. You can bring along any jacket or sweater for when the desert tends to get a bit chilly. Sandals, slippers or any open-toed footwear are preferred so that you can get rid of the sand easily. If you are sensitive to sunlight bring sunscreen, a sunglass and a hat to protect your face.

Camel trekking and Quad biking are outdoor activities conducted mostly during day time when the temperatures are very high. Due to this, stick to clothes made of natural fibers like cotton and linen, better yet, opt for sports wear as they are made for maximum comfort even while sweating. Jeans and t-shirt are also suitable. Don't forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. For footwear stick to either sandals or sport shoes.

Because Evening desert safaris start off during late afternoon and goes on until night, you should consider wearing a t-shirt with loose-fitting jeans(short or long). Since nights are colder in the desert carry a jacket or sweater with you. You can wear shoes but make sure they are easily removable as sand tends to creep in from every tiny opening. If you chose an overnight desert safari, bring along an extra pair of preferred clothes.

Majority of Overnight desert tours in Qatar provide private tents, sleeping bags and pillows. However, it is better if you make a few preparations to for maximum comfort. Desert are cool at night and even more so during winter so pack a pair of winter socks, a shawl, jacket and cap. Also get a set of winter-friendly pyjamas to wear while sleeping.

Insider Guide

We have gathered helpful tips from Qatari guides and travellers to help you make wiser travel plans in Qatar and memorable desert safari experiences.
  • Sealine beach resort, the starting point of your desert safari, is approximately 1 hour away from Doha. A round-trip transfer will be roughly 2 hours(pick-up and drop-off). For travellers who don’t wish to go in a tour operator’s 4x4 can get to Sealine Beach Resort in their own vehicle and join the safari from here.
  • Early morning tours are best for spotting wildlife. As there are no paved roads, its best to go to the Inland Sea with a driver in a 4x4 vehicle.
  • The desert sun is pretty harsh on the skin so don't forget your sunscreen. Sunburn can ruin your trip, so put on some sunscreen before heading out and bring it along to reapply every few hours.
  • A pair of fitted polarized sunglasses will be a comfort for your eyes as the desert sun bouncing off sand can be very severe to the eyes. Make sure it has an attached neck strap to ensure you don't misplace it.
  • As per Qatar's COVID 19 measures, only 3 travellers per 4x4 vehicle. If from the same family more passengers might be considered.
  • Travellers always plan trips based on the weather. Winter season is between October and April when the temperatures are between 14 and 25 degrees celsius. Doha takes on a spring-ish atmosphere and you can expect clear skies, minimal rainfall and soft desert winds. This is the best time to visit Qatar, also because it is when the World Cup will happen.
  • What makes Qatar’s deserts enchanting to visit is its harsh conditions that exude breathtaking beauty. Some extra planning will immensely help you to enjoy this environment.
  • The Al Enna Project which aims to supplement winter camping has launched. Visitors travelling to sealine can have a smooth journey along the different parts of the project. The 1.5 kilometre long road that runs from Al Shalihat Roundabout to the Family beach has been paved by Ashghal. The road has two-way lanes, service areas and parking spaces.

Safety Guidelines

qatar safari safety guidelines

Vehicles need to be sanitized before and after every trip.

safari safety guidelines

Staff need to change gloves before and after every trip.

safety guidelines

All staff must wear masks and gloves at all times.

safety guidelines

Extra gloves must be provided.

safety guidelines

Travellers are advised to carry extra gloves and change after every trip.

safety guidelines

Guests must wear gloves and masks. If fail to do so, can be refused service.

safety guidelines

Masks should be either N95, surgical or similar.

safety guidelines

Maximum 3 travellers per vehicle including kids.

safety guidelines

Staff should not have any physical contact (handshake, etc) with travellers and should maintain a safe distance.

safety guidelines

Hand sanitizers should be available at all times with minimum 70% alcohol.

safety guidelines

POS machines will be available for Debit and Credit transactions as no cash transactions are allowed.

safety guidelines

All staff should show green code on the Ehterez App (Link to Android & Link to Apple app).

safety guidelines

Customers should also have the Ehterez App and show a green code. Service might be refused if no app or code is not green.

safety guidelines

Disinfecting guidelines to be according to CDC, WHO, EPA, MOPH compliant i.e using shower / mist of 0.1% solution of Sodium Hypochlorite followed by shower of minimum 70% alcohol solution.

What's for a BBQ Dinner in Desert Safari?

Qatar Desert Safari Tours in Detail

Afternoon Desert Safari Qatar

You will be transferred to Sealine Beach after a pickup from your Doha city residence or hotel. The shifting landscapes will keep you captivated throughout the 75 kilometre drive. Once here, your driver will deflate the tyres of your 4x4 to prepare your vehicle for a smooth dune bashing experience. Move away from the paved roads and cross the desert’s highs and lows in a thrilling experience known as dune bashing. You can choose the level of dune bashing depending on your preference; bumpy or smooth. Your dune drive will come to an end upon reaching Khor Al UDeid, the inland sea off Saudi Arabia’s border where the sea blends harmoniously into the desert landscape. One of the highlights of this tour is the sunset views in the inland sea which you can enjoy with a few refreshments before returning to Doha.

Morning Desert Safari Qatar

Are you having a lengthy layover in Doha airport? Or are you at your most adventurous during morning hours rather than the evening? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should definitely try the Morning desert safari for a glorious serving of Qatar desert’s fresh natural beauty. A pick up from your Doha hotel or any other area within city limits is the beginning of your safari. Enjoy the views for the next hour or so as you head to the outskirts of Doha to the Sealine Beach. Here your driver will deflate the tyres, but it's nothing to worry about as this is a crucial step to ensure a smooth dune bashing experience across the sand. Your dune drive will continue until you reach the Inland Sea or Khor Al Udeid. Yes, the name itself implies that this is one of the few places where the sea meets the desert. Enjoy a few refreshments along with the captivating view before returning to Doha city.

Full day desert safari Qatar

Your full day desert safari begins with a drive 75 kilometres south of Doha city after a pick up from your hotel or residence in Doha city. Pass the suburbs, countryside and other breathtaking landscapes on your way to Sealine Beach in Mesaieed where your skilled driver will prepare the vehicle for dune bashing. DOn’t freak out when he deflates the tyre as that is a prerequisite for dune bashing in the soft desert sand. Leave behind the tarred roads and travel the untravelled route to the Saudi-Qatar border where Khor Al Udeid is located. You can choose your dune drive to be vigorous and thrilling or smooth. Your exhilarating dune drive will end upon reaching the Inland sea, named such because this is one of the few places in the world where the desert meets the sea. Walk along the soft white sand, collect a seashell or two, take a dip in the clear water, have a blast with beach volleyball, the choice is yours! There will be two photo stops along the way so that you can stock up on numerous photos. You will also make a stop at our Arabian Adventures Qatar Bedouin Camp where you can try your hand in sandboarding and other desert sports. Finally enjoy a filling BBQ meal paired with chilled beverages. Finish the safari with a shisha smoking experience and a drive back to Doha

Overnight Desert safari Qatar

Envelop yourself with peaceful desertscapes on one side and tranquil seascapes on the other side as you visit the remarkable Khor Al Udeid, also known as the inland sea situated near the Saudi Arabian border. A peaceful night in the desert calls for stargazing, which you will thoroughly enjoy with the chilled desert climate at night.

Your overnight desert safari begins with a pickup from the city and a drive 75 kilometre south of Doha. You will make a short stop at sealine Beach in Meisaeed for the driver to deflate the tyres and prepare the vehicle for dune bashing. Crossing the desert as you tackle up and down dunes will be a memory in itself and it will definitely spike your adrenaline. Your drive ends where the desert meets the sea, Khor Al Udeid, the inland sea. The soft sand caressed by pristine blue waters will take your breath away. We will have two photo stops during your safari so that you will have loads of photos to update on your instagram handle and to remind you of your exciting time in Qatar desert. Your next sop will be the Arabian Adventures Qatar Bedouin Camp where you can swim, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, give sandboarding a try or chill with some shisha as you take in the beauty of a sunset in Khor Al Udeid. As the night approaches, dig in to a barbecued feast complemented with non-alcoholic drinks at the campsite. The last activity for the night, but not the least exciting, will be stargazing under the desert sky. Retire for the night and wake up for breakfast before heading back to the city.

Qatar Desert Safari Price & Packages List

Approximate prices of Qatar desert safari listed here with the timings

afternoon desert safari qatar package
morning desert safari qatar cost
full day desert safari qatar price
overnight desert safari qatar price

Qatar Desert Map & Guide

qatar desert map & guide google map

Things to do in Qatar

Not only desert tours there many other things to do in Qatar and plan your visit ahead for better holidays in Qatar.

Visit Souq Waqif

Visit Souq Waqif

Doha’s Souq Waqif is like a time capsule to ancient Qatar. Refurbished to exude the ancient vibe, the souq’s labyrinth of alleys are bustling with action and contains shops selling everything from fabrics and homeware to spices and antiques. A wood carver here, a tailor there, you will come across interesting scenes in souq Waqif. If you love collecting souvenirs from your holiday destination, this is the place to stop. You will definitely be able to see how agals (a part of the Qatari men’s traditional headdress) are made. For foodies, the possibilities are endless! Think, lebanese, Syrian, Turkish and even shisha lounges are numerous. It's up to you to choose!

See the Museum of Islamic Art

Designed by architect I.M. Pei, the Museum of Islamic art gives an illusion like its floating above water. Constructed on a lone island off the Doha Corniche, it houses vast exhibits that date back between the 7th and 19th century. Inside the Museum of Islamic Art you can see Islamic jewellery,textiles, calligraphy and patterns. It also boasts year-round rotating exhibits. Dining options are amazing in the Museum with Idam, the first restaurant in Middle East by French chef Alain Ducasse. Suitable for a business meeting or a romantic date with a spectacular backdrop of Doha city paired with excellent service and haute cuisine. The path surrounding the museum will take you to MIA cafe where you can chill in a lounge chair and drink in the views of the city along with any other beverages you order from the menu. The “7” sculpture, another landmark standing 80 feet tall, is also visible.

Museum of Islamic Art
Delve into Al Thakira Mangroves

Delve into Al Thakira Mangroves

Just a short distance away from Qatar’s Al Khor city, a visit to the Al Thakira Mangroves will make you forget your amidst the desert. The place is teeming with bird life, both local and migratory> spotting herons and flocks of flamingos are the usual in Al Thakira. Resembling an oasis in the desert, Al Thakira’s lush greenery and azure waters are a stark contrast against the golden sands of the desert. A kayak ride along the winding waterways are your best bet at absorbing the beauty of this ecosystem. If you prefer a more hands-on experience then grab a pair of water shoes and trudge across the water where it is low.

Explore a world of horses

Arabian horses are an important aspect of Qatar’s cultural heritage. Which is why the world’s best Arabian Horses are bred in one of the world’s leading equestrian centres, Al Shaqab. Constructed on the site of an 1893 battleground to resemble the shape of a horseshoe, the site boasts state-of-the-art facilities like AC stables, roomy paddocks, horse hospital, Jacuzzi and treadmills for the horses. Qatar has showcased its wealth by building a posh facility for its horses. Don't rule this place out if you are not a equestrian lover. Visiting this place will make you aware of how much the Qataris love their horses. The complex trains sport and show horses and helps preserve the cultural traditions of breeding Arabian horses.

Explore a world of horses


Is the Desert Safari tour safe?

We prioritize our guest’s safety during all our tours. All our desert safari drivers are professional, have a valid 4x4 license and years of experience traversing the dunes.

Is this desert safari available every day?

Yes, our desert safari is available every day for a private tour.

Can we ride a camel?

Definitely, as our first stop is in the Camel Area. You just need to pay an additional 20 QAR for the Camel ride.

How long is the Dune bashing?

Dune bashing will take roughly 45 minutes.

What is the Inland Sea?

Khor Al Adaid, also known as “Inland Sea” is one of the top most destinations in Qatar. It is between the Border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

How long is the Travel time from Doha to the desert?

It will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What are the best tourist attractions in Qatar?

There are multiple attractions in Qatar, while planning your tour to qatar you can add visiting tourist attractions including Qatar desert tour. Museums like Museum of Islamic Art, National Museum of Qatar & Mathaf, Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Arab Museum of Modern Art are the best places to explore the history and culture of Qatar. You can experience the desert and then back to the museum will give the entire picture of how the country was and how it is now. Additionally you can visit other famous attractions like Souq Waqif, Aspire Park & The Pearl-Qatar

What are the best places to hike in Qatar?

Qatar does not have many mountains and it is surrounded by deserts and dunes. There are no fixed hiking trails in Qatar like Hatta in UAE. But you can hike around places like Umm Bab, Ash Shaqra, Zekreet & Fuwairit Beach to Al Mafjar

Which are the places to visit in Qatar with your family?

There are many more options and places when you are travelling with your family and kids to spend time in Qatar. Parks like Aspire Park, MIA park, Al Khor park (miniature zoo) are the best places to let the kids have a good time. Also museums & Qatar festivals would allow the entire family to have a good time. Qatar also have theme parks like Aqua park, Gondolina, Jungle Zone where you can spend time with your entire family

Inland sea tours are the best desert safari in Qatar or some other desert also ?

Yes, the inland sea desert is the most beautiful desert and it's the only desert in Qatar desert safari tours take place. Situated southeast of Qatar & desert is amazing where the desert dunes meets waters of Arabian Peninsula

Best Desert Safari Qatar?

The best Desert Safari tour of Qatar, we would say is the evening / afternoon desert safari tour to the Inland sea of Qatar. Best because sunset in the dunes while overseeing the waters of Arabian Peninsula

What are the places to visit and things to do while in Qatar, which are more unique and not available in other destinations ?

Apart from the things to do list we mentioned, Take a tour of the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums & walk through the stadiums which are getting ready for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. Also some other spots like Film City, Al Wukair Scrapyard, Musfur Sinkhole & Al Wakrah Dhow Harbor would be the best places where you won't see much on the other destinations

What are the most exciting places to see in Qatar as a tourist?

Most asked questions by many travellers and we would say the most exciting places to see in Qatar would be inland sea and the Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums